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The Worst Scenario in USA for Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have read my article about anti-coronavirus (covid-19), then you might have known how to protect yourself from very beginning of the pandemic in USA. The link is as below: https://www.mycrypto101.net/post/how-to-prevent-coronavirus-and-why-it-needs-everyone-s-attention

Unfortunately, not every American has the opportunity to read it as mainstream medias are ignoring the facts that wearing a face mask for everyone is necessary to prevent virus. Checking the highest votes answer for "wearing facemasks", the answer is still telling people this is "useless". Facemask is your last defense, as long as you are not exposed like the frontline doctors, whatever covers on your mouth will greatly reduce the possibility (not to zero, but much better than doing nothing.)

Is it true that wearing face masks is useless in preventing the contraction of the COVID-19 virus because the virus is smaller than the filter in the mask? from Quora


I cannot believe such pandemic is happening and the whole country is still debating whether should convince people to wear facemasks. If the facemask is out of stock, then people should make one themselves from clothes. Trump is predicting 100,000 people will fall. This number is conservative. The worst is yet to come. Americans are doing everything wrong against this virus: "still no massively lockdown national wide." The daily death toll of New York will rise to thousands but before that, the medical resources will be exhausted out. Ten of thousands of people might have to die in home and potentially spread their family and friends. Millions will be leaving the city and spread the disease to other states and cities, making their numbers is about 2 weeks behind the New York's curve.

One million people will be infected within 2 weeks, and will hit another million within 1 week. If 1 percent of the population has the virus, the national wide medical resources will be exhausted not just in New York. It is already too late, but if Americans are still not doing correct thing, the number will ten fold within even shorter time.

As individual, we should still follow the rules: wearing facemask, washing hands, keep social distances and avoid on-site shoppings. Digital and virtual currency will be popular for trading for goods and food. Learn how to get your first bitcoin: https://www.mycrypto101.net/

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