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How to Prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19) and why it needs everyone's attention?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Do you know coronavirus can survive in the air for days? Do you know 50% of infected persons have no symptom at all but still can infect other people? Do you know a unprotected person could be infected even contact with a infected person with few minutes? Do you know the reason cause death is not because of the virus but the immunity system storm attacking your own lungs?

In order to prevent coronavirus, you have to make sure to follow 4 steps:

Step 1- Wearing a face mask.

Step 2- Avoiding touching your faces

Step 3- Frequently washing hands

Step 4- Keep at least 1 meter distance with other people

Step 5- Shop online and pick up the delivery without contacting

Coronavirus can survive in human body for dozens of days and outside in the air for days. Face-mask is your first defense and always wearing it when going out. The facemask must be changed for every 4 hours. If you don't have enough stock of masks, you could reuse them by heating in owen or microwave for half hour.

The virus is highly infective because more than 50% infected persons actually have no symptom at all (no fever, coughing, nothing). So it is very important to keep at least 1 meter with other people because you never know the person close to you has coronavirus or not.

Since the virus can survive in the air, everything you touch could have virus. Do not use your hand to touch your face, eyes or mouth. When there is a chance to expose the virus, remember to wash your hands for at least 2 mins. It is very important not going to shopping mall. If you need to buy something, order them online and pick up the stuff your order outside your home (ask the delivery to leave the things and leave before you pick them up).

Although the mortality rate of the virus is higher at the older ages, we still don't know how this might impact on an infected person. Coronavirus is a something combining with SARS and AIDS. Once you are infected, your immunity system will be damaged even you are recovered. The long term effect is still unknown so please take it seriously. This virus does not attack your body directly but make your immunity system attack your lungs. Therefore at the last stage of the infection is highly horrible: you will be suffocating to death, slowly.

Some people might think coronavirus only kills old people so younger one doesn’t need to worry too much. This is very very WRONG! We don’t know the long term effect yet. It is likely to cause damages on your lungs and immunity system permanently even you are cured. Some reports said that men might have ED (Erected Disable) after infection.

Nothing is 100%, but if you follow the steps above, it would be much less likely you would be infected by coronavirus.

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