List of The Best top 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchange Guide

Top 6 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Worldwide to Buy Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency

Here is the list of crypto exchanges for people from world wide to access.

  1. Binance: It is a crypto exchange offering hundreds of cryptos and projects for trading. Exchange platform tokens is called BNB, considered to be one of the most popular platform tokens in the world. The liquidity is quite high. Now they offer trading visa and master credit cards.

  2. Bitfinex: It offers a lot of cryptos for trading with good volume

  3. Bitforex: A crypto exchange with user friendly interface. It is easy to use.

  4. Kucoin: A famous crypto exchange within the industry with solid mobile apps supported.

  5. High quality exchanges with excellent supports.

  6. Bitmex: Another popular crypto exchanges with margin trading and futures.

The best cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitforex, Kucoin,, Bitmex, are considered with trading volumes and cryptos offering for trades.

The first thing for any crypto trader is to choose a crypto exchange to start with. Bitcoin and other crypto are usually considered one of the best instruments to combat the financial crisis and inflations.