Three Steps to Prevent Coronavirus

Three steps to prevent Coronavirus: Wearing Facemask, Washing Hands with handsoap and Staying home


Research indicates that wearing face masks is the cheapest way to protect from Coronavirus, saving you thousands of dollars from doing a test or going to hospital if infected. 

The maximum hours of each mask wearing should not be more than 4 hours. Preparing enough face masks for yourself and family to be the last stand of the virus.

Get a Disposable Face Mask Now!! and great for Virus Protection and Personal Health. Put on a face mask and fight against the virus for yourself and family! 

Step Two: Wash your Hands and Avoid Touching Your Face

Research indicates that coronavirus is able to live outside for days within air or surfaces like tables or elevator buttons. Remember to wash your hands all the time by using hand soaps.

Step Three: Staying home and preparing enough food

Staying home with your family is always the best choice. Avoid unnecessary going out will greatly reduce the risk to be infected. Preparing enough food or buying emergency food kit is a wise choice.